Food Blessing

“When we take our meals, we must also rest from all external activity, in order to relax and facilitate the internal movement of digestion. The period of separation between our outer activity and inner activity was ritualized long ago into forms of prayer: the time for offering gratitude for the meal to be received and for receiving grace through the nourishment given from heaven and earth.

In giving thanks for the nourishment that sustains us, we should consider all the forces of heaven and earth, the rain and the sun, the farmer, the transporters, the market men and women, and the cooks who made it possible for it to be brought before us.

We also give thanks for the company of those sharing the meal with us. We should sit with good posture and breathe deeply and calmly to facilitate digestion.

Having acknowledged its source and prepared our body and mind for receiving it, with calm and glad heart, we enjoy our meal and renew our ourselves.”

from “Cooking for Regeneration” by Cecile Tovah Levin

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