Ancient Mother

(Robert Gass)

Goddess Chant:

Ishtar, Cerridwen, HECATE, Inanna,
Isis, Artemis, Sophia, Athena,
Coatilicue, Aphrodite, Mieliki, Astarté
Gaia, Saraswati, Kali
Pele, Paso we, Demeter, Parvati,
Hera, AKHEWA, Diana, Nidaba,
Chicomecoatl, Lilith, Shekinah, Morgana,
Maya, Izanami, Shakti.

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
Ancient Mother, I sing your song
Ancient Mother, I join your laughter
Ancient Mother, I taste your tears

Ancient Mother, you guide me footsteps
Ancient Mother, you ease my fears
Ancient Mother, you hear my questions
Ancient Mother, you heal my wounds

O la mama wa ha su wam
O la mama kow way ha ha ha ha
O la mama ta te keyee



Used at Samhain / Ancestor Feast 2008

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