Cycle Song of Life

The river casts her murky eyes toward heaven
But never stops to doubt that she must roll out to the sea
And the secret of what takes her to her silence
Goes with her to her death beyond eternity

And the river just keeps flowin’ on and on
The sun keeps goin’ ’round to bring the dawn
And life just keeps on goin’ ’til it looks as though it’s gone
But it really just keeps flowin’ on and on

Just when it seems the night will last forever
The sun appears to kiss awake the darkness into day
And though his life is short, he makes the journey
And knows deep in his heart that there’s no other way


To understand the laughter of the Springtime
You have to see the summer melt away into the Fall
But ’til you’ve known the endless sleep of Winter
You’ll never hear the cycle song of life at all




Used Midsummer 2012

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