Fire Circle Chants

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Air I Am
All Around You
Ancient Goddess
As Above So Below
Back to the River
Behold There is Magic
Blood of the Ancients
Burn Fire
Carry It Home
Cauldron of Change
Children of the Divine
The Circle Shapes Us
Circle of Light
Come Forth
Dance Feel the Earth
The Earth is Our Mother
Earth Our Body
Enter the Center
Family of Fire
Fire, Dance and Drum
Four Elements Chant (Return)
Fire of Creation
Fire Song
Fire Transform Us
Fly Like An Eagle
For Each Child (We Are)
Free Your Mind

Gaia Carry Us
Healing Chant
Held in the Heart
Higher and Higher
Hoof and Horn
Humble Yourself
I am Love
I am the Earth
I am the Fire
I Give Thanks to Fire
Infinite Sun
Invocation to Aphrodite
Walk In Beauty
Let it Shine
Let the Way
Looking Glass
Making a Connection
May Your Journey
Minstrels of Eternity
Mother Wave Chant
A New Way
Nothin Gonna Take My Love
The Ocean
Ocean Mother
One Spirit
O Ma Ma Ma

People of the Earth
Power in Everyone
Prepare Yourself
Return Again
Right Here, Right Now
Rise with the Fire
The River is Flowing (Mother Carry Me)
Sacred Pleasure
Sacred Way
She Changes Everything
Singing in the Circle
Sweet Surrender
Take Me Higher
Thank You
Under the Full Moonlight
Walk In Balance
We All Come From the Goddess
We Are a Circle
We are a Circle Moving
We Are Alive
We Are An Old People
We Are Circling
We Are One
We Are Spiraling
We Are Spirit
We Are the Ancestors
We Are the Flow
We Give Thanks
Wheel Chant
You Are My Family
You Were Born
Old Woman
Light Is Returning
Oaken Logs
Fairest Maid
Maoz Tsur
Winter Solstice Sunrise
See the Sun Arising
The First Song

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