Sensuous Elements Guided Meditation

Originally found at A Buddhist Library

Sensuous Elements Guided Meditation

Close your eyes and relax. Begin breathing slowly and deeply, letting your rib cage fill completely. With each breath in, feel it becoming full with life. As you breathe in, pull in pure, white, clean energy. Let it spread slowly out from your lungs, emanating throughout your entire body. As you breathe out, breathe out all the tension and scattered energies of your day. With each breath in, breathe in relaxation. With each breath out, breathe out stress. Breathe in trust. Breathe out fear. Breathe in love. With each breath, fill yourself with the divine energy that connects us all.

Let your consciousness turn to the East. See yourself atop a mountain watching the bright yellow of the new sunrise in the distance. It is a crisp spring morning and the cool; dampness in the air surrounds you. It caresses you softly…flowing through your hair, brushing against your skin. Feel the energy surrounding you as your clothes softly gather and swirl around you. It holds the newness of the dawn and all the infinite possibilities of the day head. As you watch, the day extends to become weeks…. months….years…millennia…a vast expanse of pure potential.

This is the land of East; the land of air; the land of thought and reason. The home of new beginnings, it is also where your imagination lies. Here you breathe life into your dreams and start them on their way to reality. Here you find the truth and knowledge that you need to make them happen. Here you find the hope and happiness that you feel when they blossom in their fullness.

Feel the wind blowing as its potential swirls around you. Gather it in, bringing it into your body.

East, Air, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

Now you turn your thoughts to the South and the land of Fire. The vision in your mind’s eye slowly shifts and changes. You find yourself in Hawaii, surrounded by lush, beautiful flowers and plants. It is summer and the sun is hot above you in the noonday sky. Far off in the distance, you see hot molten red of lava pouring down the side of a volcano. Even at this safe distance, you can feel the heat of its glow on your skin. You stand transfixed, watching as it flows ever forward, re-shaping reality with its power. Without thought or preconceptions, it brings about change as it simply follows its own nature. Yes, it brings destruction, but without hate or malice. And in time, the opening that it creates will be filled by extraordinary beauty.

This is the land of South; the land of fire; the land of passion and energy. Here, we find transmutation as the old is burned away to make room for the new to grow. Here lies the intense pain of death and intense pleasure of rebirth. Here’s lies the fires of our loins and the “little death” of orgasm. Fire consumes us. Fire transforms us. Fire drives us to grow…to create…to explode with ecstasy.

The heat of fire radiates throughout your body as you feel the warmth of it upon your skin and within your loins. Welcome it, knowing that it will take away the old fears and pains. Let it open you up to the sacred beauty of your own reborn passions.

South, Fire, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

As the day winds onward toward dusk, you turn to the West. You find yourself walking down to a beach. The cool air swirls around you as it fills with the crispness of autumn. At the water’s edge, you welcome the cooling relief as you walk in the surf. The waves refresh and soothe you. So tranquil. The salt air buffets your clothes around you, stirring up memories of all that has gone before. The ocean stretches before you; the mother of all creation. As the sun sets, you gaze out over her clear blue expanse. She is the womb of the earth, from which all of us were born. She nurtures you. She nourishes you and all the children of her creation. Her vast calmness holds you, astounding you with her seemingly endless beauty. This is the same water that sailors have traveled for centuries; ever enduring. How many billion times have the drops of water she holds been evaporated to fall as rain or snow before slowly winding their way from creek to river to finally join together again in her comforting arms?

This is the land of the West; the realm of Water. Here lies emotions and the release from them. Here lies tranquility and peace. Here the Water softly soothes away even those things that Fire can not burn. It takes its own time and moves on it’s own schedule, as it slowly wears away layer after layer. Here disasters become peddles and problems become sand.

Let the water wash over you, soothing you, holding you in the embrace of the Great Mother. Invite her tranquillity to join you, bringing her cleansing and peace.

West, Water, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

As the sun sets and the Earth moves on toward winter, you seek sanctuary in the mountains, where you find yourself surrounded by a forest. You settle down near the base of a huge, gnarled oak. Leaning backwards against the trunk, the tree cradles you in a nook between its large roots… a custom fit that feels like “home”. Stretching out above you, the branches of the tree offer you shelter and protection. Roots reach beneath you, offering sustenance and strength. Under you and all around you, the Mother Earth is alive with life. Even in the quiet darkness that falls as you near midnight, you feel comforted by her support. You know the Earth lives onward as birth, death and rebirth continue, carrying out cycle after cycle. Reach down and feel the sweetness of her stability; of knowing that she is always there. She has been here since before this ancient tree was but a tiny acorn, and she will be here long after these branches have one day rotted away. She holds true and steady to her course as all else moves and changes around her. Here you may rest a while in her safety and where will be the renewed energy you need when you are ready to move on.

This is the land of the North; the home of Earth. Here lies strength and stability. Here the World is firm under you, creating a foundation upon which you may build and work. Here you find the endurance and the responsibility required to sustain creation. Here your dreams become cathedrals and your visions blossom into verdant gardens.

Feel the earth firm under your feet. Invite her strength to flow up through you as she joins you. May she bring security and stability to your work and to your life.

North, Earth, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

North, Earth, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

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