(Carolyn Hillyer on “Old Siverhead”)

Book Title: Old Silverhead: Songs and Initiations of Womanhood

Girl seed
blood flower.

Fruit mother
spin mother.
earth crone.
Stone crone



About the stages of womanhood.

  • Girl Seed – Our Pre Moontime Maiden Years
  • Blood Flower – Our Bleeding Maiden Years
  • Fruit Mother – Our Years of Creation (not always meaning a physical birth of child)
  • Spin Mother – Ours years of child/project rearing, ‘the juggling’ years lol
  • Mid Woman – Pre Menapause
  • Earths Crone – Menapause
  • Stone Crone – Elder/Wise Woman
  • Bone – The final journey of Death back to the earth.

4 thoughts on “Girlseed

  1. Hi,
    Can you please tell me where the terms for the periods of a woman’s life come from (girl seed through bone crone)? I remember learning them from Ruth Barrett in a chant/song, but can not find the originator of the names. I find them very valuable and wish to include a reference in a book I’m writing.

    Thank you!


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