(Gypsy, on the album Enchantress)

Mighty Mother, strike this blade with light that I may cast the Magick Circle
I conjure ye O Circle of Art, to be a temple between the Worlds
Wherefore do I bless and consecrate thee, So Mote It Be

Wild Enchantresses of the night, Ancient Lords of mystery
Fill my cup with joyous light, be here with me
From all places come ye
Come in peace and Blessed Be

From the depths and from the heights,
Guard my circle cast in light
Fill me up with power and might, Watchtowers of the night
Powers of air, fire, earth and sea
I am calling unto Thee

Gracious Goddess of Moonlight with the gift of prophesy
Send me visions crystal bright, reveal what is to be
Daughters of Eternity
In your arms encircle me

Open now, O portal of power
that our Lady and Lord may enter

Gnome Queen hidden out of sight, Hail Powers of the North
As ye are hidden, come to the light, I call ye forth
From each mountain, grove and tree
from the woodland come to me

Faerie Sylphs in eagle flight, Eastern Powers come
Through the rays of golden light, I greet Ye at the dawn
Let me fly away with Thee
On the wings of ecstasy

Brave Commanders of Firelight, Southern Powers of Sacred Flame
Watch my blade as it cuts the night, I call your name
Wont you come and dance with me
Round the cauldron, fast and free

Glistening Mermaids, Water Sprites, Western Powers arise
Sail the waves the tides are right, I close my eyes
from the bottom of the sea
sing your siren songs for me

Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Michael
Blessed Angels, empower this Magick that the Old Ways
May encircle the World in Holy Light
I raise the cone of power and send it out upon the winds of change
With Love and Will

Hail Ye Mighty Ones of the Light, Ancient Lords of Mystery
Guardians of the Sacred Rite, Daughters of Eternity
If Ye will, stay with me
If go Ye must, Blessed Be

And I thank the in the names of the Old Ones
Powers of Air, Fire, Earth and Sea
I release thee with the sign of the Wise ones
To all places hence came Ye

Hail and Farewell!

Note: This contains the Celestial Intro at the start. Enchantress starts at 1:58

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