Loving Family

(Beverly Frederick)

Earth and water, air and fire.
We are, we are going to be a loving family.

Love, Serve and Remember

(John Astin)

Why have you come to Earth?
Do you remember?

Why have you taken birth?
Why have you come?

To love, serve, and remember!
To love, serve, and remember! To love!


Light Is Returning

(Charlie Murphy)

Light is returning.
Even though this is the darkest hour,
no one can hold back the dawn.
Let’s keep it burning.
Let’s keep the flame of hope alive.
Bring safe our journey through the storm.
One planet is turning,
circle on a path around the sun.
Earth Mother is calling her children home.


Lift Up

(Greg McKenzie)

Lift up your spirit and let it shine.
Lift up your spirit and I’ll lift mine.
Lift it higher and let it grow.
Let it blossom and let it go.

And look for the spirit in the one’s you meet
and the spirit in the ones you know
because the whole wide world needs a whole lot of healing
and our spirit will make it so.

(Repeat, replacing “spirit” with “love,” “hope,” “wisdom,” “light,” “passion,” “power,” etc.)”