2015 Samhain Ritual Outline


Joyful celebration. (More like a wake, not like a funeral)


This ritual is designed for about 40 people. Contains elements of drama and guests were invited to come in black, white, or blues. The could bring drums and shakers and participate in song and music. Jars with beans were provided as extra shakers for those who did not have any.


To honor the element of water, our ancestors, and the great Spirit as the Lord and Lady energy working is in three parts:

  • We honor them by offering our voices in song as we Open the way.
  • We honor them by retelling of the story of Tam Lin for their pleasure as a bit of ritual theater.
  • We honor them by helping ourselves and each other cleanse spiritually during the Angel Wash and when we pour out all the things that need to be let go as we enter a new cycle of the year-wheel.


Entering Space: Samhain Lisa Thiel


Purpose of Ritual:  Honor Ancestors with Wishes/Prayers/Performances

Light UU Chalice

Cast the Circle

Call the Elements:

Call the Ancestors:

Call Lord and Lady :


  • Energy Wave 3:  Centering prayer. Moment of silence. Water cauldron emptied.  Angel Wash Song (Double lines.  Guests walk 2 at a time through the symbolic water hoop)


Farewell Lord & Lady:

Farewell to Ancestors

Closing the Corners:

Close the Circle:

Extinguish UU Chalice


Clean Up

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