I Am the Goddess

(by White Horse Spirit)

I am the goddess
And I am the light

I am the stars
And I am the night

I am the sun
And I am the moon

I am the power
and I am the truth

I am the maid
And I am the crone

I am the maid
and the Queen on the throne
I am the fountain
And I am the source

I am the thorn
And I am the rose
I am the Earth
And I am the sky

I am the river
and I am the fire

I am all feelings
And I am love

I am all time
before time had begun

(repeat from top)

I am all women
and I am all men

I am all Life
and I am all Death
I am the Goddess
You are the Goddess
We are the Goddess
We.  Are. One.


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