We are Spirit(s)

(Abbie Spinner, Magnus MacBride)

We are spirit(s) wearing skin.
We are spirit(s) deep within.
We are spirit(s), dancing bones.
We are spirit(s), standing stones.

I am the air, and I am blowing.
I am the fire, and I am glowing.
I am the water, and I am flowing.
I am the earth, and I am growing.

Feel the spirit in the trees.
Feel the spirit in you and me.
From you Spirit, I do call!
Come/dance/drum now spirits, one and all.

Man and woman,
baby and child,
spirits dancing,
free and wild.

I am the mother, and I’m still turning.
I am her forests, and I’m still burning.
I am her waters, and I’m still dirty.
I am her people who are still learning.

I am the father, and I’m still shining.
I am his creatures who are still dying.
But I am his Spirit, and I’m still climbing.
I am his people who won’t stop trying.

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