Prayer Beads: Basic Skills

I wanted budget friendly and kid friendly prayer or meditation beads so I started making  them this way.  These are the “basic skills” you will need to make the pony bead designs.  If you want to make a lot, consider getting

Prayer beads go through your hands, so you might not want “pure white” cord since it will show dirt easier.

Additional supplies that are nice:


First you make a lark head knot to attach the satin cord to the split ring. You do this by first folding the cord in half and laying the split ring on the folded part.


Pull the fold part through the loop a few inches and lay it over the tails.


Pinch the tails and pull them through the satin cord loop.


Keep pulling until all of the tails have passed through.


Tug on the tails to tighten against the ring. Your lark’s head knot is complete. The tails should be about even.



Select a bead.  Pass one tail through the bead from left to right.  Pass the other tail through the bead from right to left.  The tails are basically going into the bead from opposite sides. Almost like making a cross or “x” inside the bead with the cords.


Pull the tails away from each other so the bead slides to the top where the ring is.


In the same manner, you can add another bead by “cross threading.”



I like to tie an over hand knot to mark color changes between each bead or to end bead sections. I do it with both tails together.


Maneuver the knot up the satin cord and tighten it at the end of your beads.


From there you can change to another color and continue until you are done with your design.


You can label beads for your kids with either label tape or a charm or pendant or both!

label and pendant


I have a Brother P-Touch label maker.  I type the name of the song but put an extra space in the middle of the text so there’s a little extra space there for the fold. I fold it in half to find the middle.  Then I peel the backing off and place the middle on the ring. I just stick the label to itself and trim the white space on the ends to where I like it. If you don’t want the label at the top of the ring, you can slide the ring around so the label is off to the side.

attached label


You can also slip a charm or pendant on a jump ring on to one cord, and then tie the last night to decorate and label the end.  This design is “I Walk with the Goddess” beads so I gave it a spiral goddess pendant. 

attached pendant


If you have a lot of beads you can use a carabiner through the rings to organize them and hang them on a hook on a wall. Or slip a thick pony tail holder on the carbiner.

carbiner and ponytail

You can slip the split rings on to the carbiner and then use the pony tail to hang the collection on the child’s bedroom door by slipping the pony tail over the doorknob. If the collection of beads it large, you might consider making them a special wooden box and choosing one of the cover designs from the craft page.

Give any of the designs on the craft page a try!

doorknob beads



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