From Goddess Rosary

This design is inspired by “From the Goddess” by Desert Wind.  It creates a rosary/necklace that measures 37″ around the main part. (Not counting the white finishing beads/tails at the bottom.)



Make sure you understand the basic skills required.

Fold the cord in half and cut so you have two lengths each 10 ft long.

Using both cords, tie an over hand knot 12″ from one end.

The first section of beads to “cross thread” on is

  • 2 red
  • 4 black

In this design, you tie an over hand knot in between EACH BEAD.


Check your work after each segment to make sure it is correct.  It’s not hard to untie satin cord if you accidentally skip a bead, but it’s easier to check along the way! At the start of the necklace be patient sliding the beads to the starting knot.  It’s a lot of cord.  It will get better as you move through the process.  The cord will get taken up in the knots between each bead.

The second section of beads is

  • 2 white
  • 2 red
  • 10 black

Check your work.

The third section of beads is

  • 2 white
  • 2 red
  • 10 black

Check your work.

The fourth section of beads is

  • 2 white
  • 2 red
  • 4 black

This completes the main part of the rosary.


Using all four cords, tie an overhand knot taking care to place it beneath the small end knots that are already there. You want your “big knot” under the red starting bead and under the last black bead.  You are basically bringing the line of beads together as a circle with this big knot.


Slip all 4 tails through a white pony bead.

Tie an over hand knot with all 4 tails.

Slip the last white bead on.  Tie a final overhand knot. Trim tails as desired. Your rosary is done at this point.

You may add an optional goddess pendant to the bottom with a jump ring — like the Tudor rose pentacle or goddess charm.  Loosen your final “big knot” to make getting the jump ring on a bit easier with pliers and then tighten the knot back up. Alternately slide the jump ring on one of the cords and then tie the last big knot taking care the jump ring ends up where you want it.



Each bead color has its own saying.  Start at the bottom near the tails.  You begin going up the white beads, then to the left toward the red beads.  You “count” your way around the circle as you listen to the “From the Goddess” song.  Then come back down the white beads toward the tails. You can also simply recite the verses without listening to the song.


If you are making these as simple gifts, you can include this card.  Print on white card stock, cut out, and place with the beads inside a white organza bag.  While you can choose other color bags, white makes it easy to read through the mesh.

Two are “already colored dots” and two are “blank dots.”  If you used a different color scheme, you can color in the dots with fine tip marker to match your design.From Goddess BWR screenshot

From Goddess BWR gift card


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