Mini Altar Coins or Buttons

This design is to make “wooden coins” or “glass buttons” for your mini altar kits. The designs are made to fit coins 1″, 1.5″ or 2″ size.

mini altar coins


The smallest size can be glued face up underneath jumbo clear glass gems that you might find in the dollar store or at the mosaic/floral aisle of the craft store. These gems are used in stepping stones or as vase filler. When done this way the glass buttons magnify the images glued under them. If making the glass version, I suggest clear gel tacky glue. You can use a 1″ circle punch to make cutting easier.

glass gems 

The 2 oz round tin will hold 4 glass buttons nicely. The 4 oz round tin can hold 12 buttons.

2-4 tins buttons

Eight glass buttons can fit into a 2.5 oz clear top tin quite well.

2.5 oz tin.jpg

The 8 oz tin can hold all 24 button designs with a little bit of room to spare for a special rock.  Without the rock, it can hold up to 28 glass gems.

8 oz tin buttons

The 8 oz tin can also hold 2 deity, 1 sun, 1 moon, 4 elementals, a tea light candle in a small glass holder, a regular box of matches, and a special rock.

8 oz tin buttons candle

The 2.45″ x 3.9″ by rectangular tin can hold a tea light, a matchbook and four elemental buttons.  I like candles from Big Dipper Wax Works.  They burn super clean.

rectangle tin


You can use a 3/4″ circle punch on the smallest design if you happen to have one or just scissors. Then glue them on to 1″ wooden coins with rubber cement, white school glue, or tacky glue.  This will leave a wood border around the image.  You could cut them out with a 1″ circle cutter, glue them to the coin and come back to trim any excess paper off with an X-acto.  This would make a coin that is “borderless.”

You can have your coins with the design only on one side or on both sides.  If you want to seal the coins, consider using Modge Podge to stick them on as well as sealing over the top of them.

Experiment with the other wooden coin sizes and cutters to make larger coins for younger kids with or without a border.

You can use the coins or gems to lay out a ritual circle or altar on a table top, floor, blanket — wherever you like.

one inch coins

Altar coins or  Buttons PDF

You can use a container to store your coins or buttons.  The wooden coins do take up less space than the glass gems in tins or boxes.  Choose a cover design from the craft page.




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