Simple Wicca Ritual Words (2″ x 3″)

Over at Hoopla, I borrowed the book Simple Wicca by Michelle Morgan.

simple wicca


I thought the words in the ritual chapter were easy enough for kids to learn so I turned them into 2″ x 3″ mini cards with little icons to match the altar buttons and coins to help you teach your kids how to create sacred space and cast the circle clockwise, do the energy work for the ritual, and then begin to wind it down and open the circle counterclockwise.

simple wicca ritual words screenshot

Simple Wicca Ritual Words by Michele Morgan PDF

Print the cover page on plain white paper. Use rubber cement, white school glue, or tacky glue to attach it to a  2.45″ x 3.9″ by rectangular tin.

Print the cards on to white card stock.  Laminate if desired.  Cut out and store in tin when not being used.




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