Hecate: Queen of the Witches (Triple Goddess)

Music: Hecate, written and performed by Ruth Barrett, High Priestess and Founder of Temple of Diana, on The Year is a Dancing Woman, Vol. 2. available at Dancing Tree Music (http://www.dancingtreemusic.com/).

She walks the roads
Every moonless night
Watching the stars
To her heart’s delight

With a blazing torch
And whispered song
The path of destiny
She travels on

She moves through darknenss
Like a knife
Her dreams are seeds
Of future’s life

To taste the sweetness
With the pain
Is to know how much the flower
Needs the rain

The place She waits
Is where three roads meet
The Past, the Present
And Future greet

To meet Her there
Where the horned owl flies
Is to ride the pale stars down
From the skies

She’ll take you up
Then She’ll take you down
She’ll take you under
And turn you round

And when She’s done
At the dawn light’s rise
You’ll meet every gaze
With brighter eyes

Oh, Old One
Of the midnight rhyme
Bless your daughters
In our time

As we take to roads
In the moonless night
To seek the wisdom of your
Ancient sight

To seek the wisdom of
Your ancient sight


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