Wheel of the Year Paper Sun Catcher

You will need semi-transparent origami paper for this craft. You can use tape to hang the completed sun catcher in the window so you can see the light shine through the paper.

Start with a square origami paper.

step 1.png

Fold in half on the diagonal. Open back up.  You have made a guideline crease down the middle.

step 2


Fold left and right corners in to line up with middle crease.

step 3.png

This is your completed “petal” shape.   Make 8 of these.

step 4

Start with one petal at a time.  Line a second petal up against middle crease of the first and use glue stick to paste them together.

step 5.png

Alternating each petal as you go around the circle makes something like this.

step 6

Another possible arrangement of petals to show main seasons on top and cross quarter points in between.

step 7


You could make each petal in a different color to match the simple vector wheel of the year.  Depending on how you pasted them together, they could look something like this.

step 8


Or like this.

step 9

If you would like to have an open center, fold the top point in to touch the other folds.


When glued, there will be an opening in the center.

If you liked making this one, consider getting the Paper Suncatchers kit by  Christine Gross Loh. You can also get more paper.   You can store unused paper in a plastic box. 


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