There is an elemental love

There is an elemental love in the universe
by which name we know each other
and encourage ourselves to live.

There is a silver river that connects everything
from which some part of us never leaves.There is a mercy making its way
up through the ocean of the earth
to the shores of our feet.

There is a music so sweet it is almost unbearable
that is composed between the ear
and the heart which reminds us.

There is a diamond-glint, a seed of longing
in ourselves that recognizes the potential
absence of gravity in another.

There is part of us that
says it is never too late to be reborn
on the inbreath each morning.

Somewhere there is a basket
that contains all our failures.
It is a big basket.  It wants to know
what to do with these.
Mercy has no use for them.

~ Stephen Levine

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