Hoof and Horn

(Ian Corrigan)

Hoof and Horn, Hoof and horn,
All that die shall be reborn

Vine and grain, vine and grain,
All that fall shall rise again!

Lord and Lady, hoof and horn,
Light revealed, be reborn:

Fire, Water, Air and Earth;
Hunter, hunted, soul’s rebirth!

Mother Earth, Mother Earth,
We call on She who gave us birth;

We are Yours, blood and bone,
Kin to tree and standing stone!

She is luminous, She is bright,
She is shining, crowned with light!

He is radiant, He is bright,
He is rising, He takes flight!

Crone and Sage, Crone and Sage,
Wisdom is the gift of age.

Sage and Crone, Sage and Crone,
Wisdom’s truth shall be our own!


“Luminous” can be tricky so watch out for that one. I stumble on it.

Sometimes only a few verses are sung, sometimes the whole thing.  It can be sung as counterpart to “We all Come from the Goddess.”


Interwoven with others:


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