The Quickening

Song: The Quickening
Artist: Spiral Dance
Album: “From the Mist — A Retrospective”
Also on the album “The Quickening

Keeper of the sacred flame
from within the darkness came
new spring maid from winter’s crone
the brightest queen of morning song

Brigid with your white wand sing
move us to the cusp of spring
see the ravens come on wing
’tis the time of quickening


Sweet serpent rises from the earth
awaken fallen seeds to life
moving from the bright ones hand
soon fire burns within the land


The smith that forges iron craft
light bringer on the spiral path
sage and healer guide the plough
drink from the white, red eared cow


From the East the rising sun
keeps alive the sacred flame
the eternal fire for all the see
the giver of the prophecy ”



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