Artist: Kellianna
Song: Lugh
Album: The Ancient Ones

Lugh of the sun, Lugh of the sky
Lugh of the summer days gone be
Lugh of the Harvest, corn and wheat
Lugh of the blazing heat

King of the People, Friend of the Sidhe
Father of Heroes, Son of the Sea
Giver of Vitality, Lord of The Dance is he

Lugh of the long arm, Lugh of skill
Lugh of courage, unbending will
Blacksmith forging the battle spear
Warrior revered

Lugh of lightning, Lugh of the storm
Swift and steady with thunderous roar
Lugh of blackened sky and rain
Power of hurricane

Handsome champion, eternal youth
Fearless leader of strength and truth
Host of games, the field events,
And feasts filled with merriment

Masterful Bard, honey-tongued
Musical Lugh the Shining One
Plucking harp strains of sorcery
Golden poetry


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