STLT #413 Go Now In Peace

(Natalie Sleeth)

Go  now in Peace, go now in Peace
May the love of God surround you
Everywhere, everywhere
You may go.


Sometimes used for children’s recessional after Words for All Ages


Article to read.

“Using Langauge” —


Incorrect Version with “Love” :


Correct version with “God”

If we claim to respect the inherent worth and dignity of all persons (Principle 1)… what do you think about UU churches that change the “God” word to “Love?”  Is this the right thing to do?

What does the author of the work say?

How might a UU Christo-Pagan or UU Jewish Pagan person approach this song? What might it mean for them? Would it be different that a UU Christian or UU Jewish person?

What does this song mean to you?

Teens: “It does not mean we have to agree theologically but we can appreciate the sentiment she was seeking to convey.”

What other things might some UU’s not agree on with their personal theology, but can appreciate that their UU pew neighbors resonate with?

What’s that look like at this church?

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