Crone Song

Song: Crone Song
Artist: Moonrise
Album: Songs of Love, Magic & Other Mysteries

℗ 2003 Moonrise

Deep dark lady
She finds you alone
Dancing on the dark side side of the moon

When she steals into your heart
you know that it’s always much too soon to let go
of the things you been holding on to

To know which way to move along to.
Deep of the night all alone
there comes a crone

Mother Hecate, she stands at the crossroads
Waiting to see which way you will turn
She guides you along in her infinite wisdom
But her lessons of death are not easy to learn
And you trust in your heart
That she will safely lead you on
Through the night cold dark
Into the dawn where waiting alone…
Your dreams have shown…
The ancient crone.

Queen of the night, Sister Selena
We stand in all of your ancient ways
Knowing the light of the moon will be seen
And the sun will soon warm our lengthening days
But the winter is cold and long
and we seek your learning
as we call you in song
while the wheel is turning
toward a new time of rebirth
for all the earth

Come to us now great queen of the heavens
Kali, Binah, Hecate
We dance your circle in pairs and sevens
and ask your magic to show us the way
to begin this difficult transformation
from within we chant your invocation
come to us know
grandmother crone

We call you home
We call you home
We call you home


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