Circle Casting Song

(written by Susan Falkenroth. “The Circle Casting Song” from Reclaiming and Friends: Second Chants)

Eastern morning
First breath of the soul
Worldview forming
Sacred and whole
Wind of knowledge
Simple and wise
Bring of the lightnening
That strikes in our minds
Come to us– be here now

Southern Fire
White rays of the sun
Source of will
That always is done
Heat of passion
Longing and need
You who push the Green One
Out of the seed
Come to us — be here now

Wester rivers
devotee of the moon
gentle sculptor
of babes in the womb
Spring of jubiltion
Courage and tears
Giver of the sweet love
that sooths all our fears
Come to – us be here now

Northeren moutains
Body of the Earth
Finite treasure
Of infinite worth
Cave of transformation
Childbirth and death
Suckler of the wild ones
Who curl upon your breast
Come to us – be here now


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