Beltane Song

“Beltane Song” by CC Carter
Kill Your Television
℗ 2007 CC Carter
Released on: 2007-01-01

Song Description
Song for a lover written on May 1, “May Day.” A celebration of life.

So here’s a Beltane Song for you my friend,
you that have such alabaster satin skin.
Such cool calves and thighs and such a subtle succulence.
Such capacity for joy and pain.
You that have such candor in your need.
Such dignity and effacy.
And such ability to disguise with just a glance of grey-green eyes
both heaven, and the world.

And why was the raven raving?
As the far pink cumulous clouds caught fire.
In the last light of the sun as he was setting
with the suitor’s smile so beautiful and high
with your wine still sweet in my mouth how could I leave?
As desire was calling me to you and you to me
climbing up your monkey puzzle tree
just another love assassin with a rose between my teeth

Wrapped up in your star hammock
like a white cocoon
in both stasis and metamorphosis
Was I only dreaming we were flying
as I was making love with you?
And then you packed my parachute
and gave me one last kiss and push
as your pet doves cried and sang in their sky chains
and the sea ran in the streets below in salty furry.
and all our love dripped from the leaves
like a poet’s blood used as his ink
and all the bells rang out your glory.

So here’s a Beltane Song for you my friend
And though you’re gone your memory remains
and I am back here on the ground again
where all the flowers flourish in your name.