Halloween ©George Nicholas

Bring the souls of days gone by
When glowing embers fade and die
In song and tales long of long ago
The bards and minstrels only know

Wise ol’ women, witches too
Share knowledge of the past with you
And dance around the Samhain fires
The elder’s wisdom, they desire

And they all know that youth decays
And beauty never ever stays
Dance the dance this Halloween
Darker days will soon be seen

Tell the tale of long-lost lands
Buried ‘neath the shifting sands
Where footprints of the hunters lay
In stone forever they will stay

And on this night the dead can dance
And be with us once more
Samhain fires burning bright
For those who’ve gone before

And on this night the dead can sing
Songs of yesteryear for on this night we celebrate
The old ones being here

(Repeat entire song twice)