I believe that each person has their own worldview. A person’s thoughts and feelings stems from their beliefs.  Their beliefs stem from their worldview.

Not all pagans will have the same worldview. When designing ritual to appeal to many, that could be considered. (“Pagan Deism: Three Views”  or “Why “Pagan”? – An Atheist Pagan’s Response to a Theist”  may help with that.)

In my group, the person leading the ritual can style the ritual to reflect their personal path/beliefs.  This is fair, because when someone else takes a turn leading, they can style it to their path/beliefs. Though we all vary in our Pagan paths, we are all Unitarian Universalists.  We are there to support each other on their personal path, even if different than our own.

What do I believe as a Unitarian Universalist Pagan?

I also believe that everyone unfolds on their own path at their own speed. I believe that James Fowler’s model for faith development and the work of other theorists can be useful tools for having that conversation.


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