The Road

There is a road so stable
we walk upon.
There is a road so gentle
that leads us home.
The time is now upon us
to cleanse and clarify,
as the choices that we’re making
will soon be magnified.

A New Way

(Mz. imani)

We bring a new way to walk on the earth.
We bring a new way to walk on the earth.
Balance and freedom, respect for all life.
Kindness and gratitude, respect for your life.

Walk in Balance


We must learn to walk in balance,
sacred steps to take,
weaving peace and understanding
through all that we create.

The tapestry of love and light
finest threads of gold,
sacred flame ever burning bright
through all that we behold.

When we learn to walk in balance,
the healing will take place,
the healing of the earth, our mother,
the healing of the human race.



Light Is Returning

(Charlie Murphy)

Light is returning.
Even though this is the darkest hour,
no one can hold back the dawn.
Let’s keep it burning.
Let’s keep the flame of hope alive.
Bring safe our journey through the storm.
One planet is turning,
circle on a path around the sun.
Earth Mother is calling her children home.


The Vacation

“The Vacation” by Anthony deMello
(from the book Wellsprings: A Book of Spiritual Exercises)

I imagine I retire to a lonely place
to give myself the gift of solitude,
for solitude is a time when I see things as they are.

What are the little things in life
that lack of solitude has magnified unduly?

What are the really big things
that I find too little time for?

Solitude is the time to make decisions.
What decisions do I need to make
or reconsider
at this juncture of my life?

I now make a decision
about the kind of day today shall be.

Will it be a day of doing?
I list the things I really want to do today.

Will it also be a day of being?
–no effort to achieve,
to get things done,
to gather or possess,
but just to be?
My life will not bear fruit
unless I learn the art of lying fallow,
the art of “wasting” time creatively.

So I decide what time to give to play,
to purposeless and unproductive interests,
to silence, intimacy, rest.
And I ask myself what I shall taste today.
and touch
and smell
and listen to
and see

Air Moves Us

(Cathleen Shell, Cybele, Moonsea, Prune)

Air moves us
Fire transforms us
Water shapes us
Earth heals us
And the balance of the wheel
Goes round and round
And the balance of the wheel goes round.


Sheet Music:

Circle of Song compiled by Kate Marks, pg 55