Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes


Title:Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Author:Demian Elaine Yumei

Illustrator:Nicole Tamarin

Age Range: 3 and up

Hardcover: 32 pages

Themes: Interconnectedness, connection, circle of life

Review by Janet Boyer on

“Everyone and everything-my daddy, my mommy, bugs and worms, clouds and sky, lakes and rivers, the sun and stars-are parts of the tomato you cannot see. Take away any one, and the little yellow pear tomatoes in my garden could not be.” -from the book

Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes is a delightful 32-page book by Demian Elaine Yumei examining the universal circle of life through the innocent eyes of a young girl. Inspired by the author’s youngest daughter (who really *does* love pear tomatoes)-as well as the Zen teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh-the little girl in the story marvels at all the energy and collaboration it takes to grow the tomatoes. From the earthworms who aerate the soil with their tunnels to her Mommy who weeds the garden, there are a lot of not-a-tomato things that are in little yellow pear tomatoes!

Filled with lush, vibrant illustrations by first time Mom Nicole Tamarin, Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes follows the contemplations of a little girl who see that everyone and everything brings something essential to the fruits she loves so much. Because many things contribute to the growing of the tomatoes-her Daddy who plants them, the sun which grants energy, the lakes, rivers and oceans that supply the clouds with water, and even the hearts of stars-all things are inside every little pear tomato.

Imbued with exquisite artwork and the gentle message of interconnectedness, Little Pear Tomatoes is a fitting book for such troubled times. Ever since we’ve gotten this book, my son has asked me to read it to him every night before bed. Interestingly, this month’s picture on my kitchen calendar features tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and colors, so I was able to show my son pictures of actual yellow pear tomatoes. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of-or seen-these types of tomatoes until reading this book!

While the Amazon recommendation says that this book is geared towards babies and preschoolers, the words are advanced enough to challenge the reading skills of 7-8 year olds in my opinion. This is no mere picture book