Web of Wonder

Music & lyrics © Alane Susan Brown (ASCAP) 2005



Web of wonder, web of wonder
I’m a thread and you’re a thread
Web of wonder, web of wonder
Weave the web, weave the web

All’s connected in the web
All the living, all the dead
Through its fabric we are met
Intertwining, sorrow mend

I can feel you, love
I can feel your love


Everything Possible (#1019)

(Fred Small)

We have cleared off the table, the leftovers saved, washed the dishes and put them away.
I have told you a story and tucked you in tight at the end of your knockabout day.
As the moon sets its sail to carry you to sleep over the Midnight Sea,
Well, I will sign you a song no one sang to me—may it keep you good company.

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People of the Earth

(Mz. imani)

We are people of the earth.
We come from many nations.
We are sculpted and formed
by the hands of time.

We are circle, skin, and bone.
We come from different places.
We are sculpted and formed
by the hands of time.

Many Ways

(Hymn Urban)

There are many paths over the mountain,
many rivers flowing to the sea.
many ways to love when your heart is open.
There are many ways.
There are many ways.