Serpent Mound

Song: Serpent Mound
Artist: Kellianna
Album: I Walk With The Goddess

Step soft upon the sacred ground
Breath of air the only sound
So much wisdom to be found
Here upon the Serpent Mound

Summer corn in bursting fields
Harvest time is drawing near
Autumn sky so blue and clear
Upon these heights release your fears

Grandmother cedar, ancient oak
Sycamore our silent host
Walnut, buckeye, hickory
Spirit speaks in rustling leaves

Walk along the ancient road
In the footsteps of our ancestors
Hear the drums from days if old
Dancing through the fields of gold


Come and Be Welcome

(C) Emily Holbert Kellam


Come and be welcome
Oh wandering minstrel
Spreading your music
From city to town

Be you harper or piper
Your duty is noble
You carry the tunes
That will never die down


Come from the forest
And sit around the fire
Come from the fields
And enter our hall

Come drink from the guest-cup
Come join in our circle
Come and be welcome
Ye bards one and all

Come and be welcome
Oh noble court poet
The treasure of knowledge
Is kept in your words

So unlock the riches
Of rhyme and of rhythm
And let all the wealth
Of your wisdom be heard


Come and be welcome
Oh fair-voiced singer
Weaving the magic
Of music along

You can thunder the heavens
To raise up an army
Or simply bring laughter
And peace with a song


Come and be welcome
Oh rare tale-teller
With stories of wonder
You wisely recall

Now tell of the heroes
Who dwell in our history
For tales that are true
Are the best of them all


Come and be welcome
Wherever you hail from
Share all the secrets
And joys of your art

For every new voice
That joins in the chorus
Will uplift the spirit
And cheer the heart


Come and be welcome
Ye bards one and all

Come and be welcome
Ye bards one and all…


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For The Love Of All Who Gather

Published on Jul 15, 2010

Song: For The Love Of All Who Gather
Artist: S. J. Tucker
Album: Blessings


With but a single breath
To clear the way
I honor all
Who listen as I play

I honor Freya
Brigid, Cerridwen
I honor every goddess
In my way

I honor Sairyss, Fafnir
Naelyon, Grael
I honor all my friends
Of wing and tail

I honor earth and flame
Rain and wind
For love of all who gather
Let the song begin




Wants to use this at Samhain 2017

We Are Circling

(Buffy Sainte Marie)

We are circling
Circling together
We are singing
Singing our heart song
This is family, this is unity
This is celebration, this is sacred

We are spiraling
Spiraling together
Onward, inward
Creature to creation
Holy mystery
Mother Earth – Child Birth
This is Mother Nature
This is sacred

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In the Spirit of the Earth

In the spirit of the earth,
we are coming together.
In the spirit of the earth,
we are one.

In the spirit of the earth,
we are singing and dancing.
In the spirit of the earth,
we are one.
Hear our voices, soaring high,
reaching for the sun.
Hear our footsteps, even and strong.
They will echo through the night.