People of the Earth Tribe

People of the Earth Tribe
℗ 1997 Joules Graves


People of the earth tribe, rise.
People of the earth tribe, rise and shine.
People of the earth tribe, rise.
People of the earth tribe, rise and shine.
People of the earth tribe, rise.
People of the earth tribe…

Earth, water, fire, air.
We are everywhere. (3x)

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Full Height of Our Power / We Are A People

(Shawna Carol ©2004)

We are a people
at the full height of our power.
This is the place,
and now is the hour.

We recognize
our sacred worth.
We have the power
to transform the earth.



Singer, songwriter Shawna Carol died peacefully in her sleep midday on Monday Oct. 14th (2019) at her home in Hawaii.  Shawna struggled with Parkinson’s disease for the past two decades, tended by her loving husband Tom, and now she is free. After she was lovingly washed and anointed by those closest to her and a 24 hour vigil ensued, during which many of her community came to pay their respects, Shawna’s body was cremated.

Those who knew and worked with Shawna know what a talented, loving, and mystical woman she was. A dedicated Priestess of the Goddess, Shawna has gifted us with a legacy of gorgeous devotional chants and music, including Goddess Chant, a ritual theatre piece that has been performed twice at Women of Wisdom, Hawaii, and in Glastonbury, England.
A prolific songwriter with a honeyed voice, she also recorded some kick-ass rock and roll and pop music.
At the time of her death, she was mid-project in having more of her unpublished songs recorded for a CD called Last Writes. If you wish to honor Shawna’s memory, you can do so by donating to this project here: Last Writes CD

We love and thank you, Shawna, for the your gifts of love and music. We will honor you on Ancestor altars and hold you in our grieving hearts.


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Heal This Land

Song: Heal This Land
Artist: Tina Malia
Album: The Silent Awakening

The fires are burning

The fires are burning

So reach for me
Like the petals of a rose
Bloom in its season
Gentle and slow

My body is the mountain
The ocean, the river
The sand and the soil
The life giver

So come on now
My friend
Speak to me
Help me understand

Let us walk
Take my hand
And we will heal this land

We will heal this land
Do you hear the call
We will heal this land
If you could only believe