For The Love Of All Who Gather

Published on Jul 15, 2010

Song: For The Love Of All Who Gather
Artist: S. J. Tucker
Album: Blessings


With but a single breath
To clear the way
I honor all
Who listen as I play

I honor Freya
Brigid, Cerridwen
I honor every goddess
In my way

I honor Sairyss, Fafnir
Naelyon, Grael
I honor all my friends
Of wing and tail

I honor earth and flame
Rain and wind
For love of all who gather
Let the song begin




Wants to use this at Samhain 2017

We Are a Fire Tribe

We are a fire tribe.
We sing and we dance all night.
We bring our loving healing, transforming energy
to the sacred circle.

We Are Circling

(Buffy Saint Marie)

We are circling
Circling together
We are singing
Singing our heart song
This is family, this is unity
This is celebration, this is sacred

We are spiraling
Spiraling together
Onward, inward
Creature to creation
Holy mystery
Mother Earth – Child Birth
This is Mother Nature
This is sacred

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Sacred Way

We are going to a sacred place.
We are now in sacred space.
We are living in a state of grace.
We are loving in a sacred way.


We love you, be-loved.
We love you, be-loved.
We love you, be-loved.
We love you!


(Layer at this point)



Want to use this in Midsummer 2015