For The Love Of All Who Gather

Published on Jul 15, 2010

Song: For The Love Of All Who Gather
Artist: S. J. Tucker
Album: Blessings


With but a single breath
To clear the way
I honor all
Who listen as I play

I honor Freya
Brigid, Cerridwen
I honor every goddess
In my way

I honor Sairyss, Fafnir
Naelyon, Grael
I honor all my friends
Of wing and tail

I honor earth and flame
Rain and wind
For love of all who gather
Let the song begin




Wants to use this at Samhain 2017

We Are Circling

(Buffy Sainte Marie)

We are circling
Circling together
We are singing
Singing our heart song
This is family, this is unity
This is celebration, this is sacred

We are spiraling
Spiraling together
Onward, inward
Creature to creation
Holy mystery
Mother Earth – Child Birth
This is Mother Nature
This is sacred

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Sacred Way

We are going to a sacred place.
We are now in sacred space.
We are living in a state of grace.
We are loving in a sacred way.


We love you, be-loved.
We love you, be-loved.
We love you, be-loved.
We love you!


(Layer at this point)



Want to use this in Midsummer 2015

Mother Earth, Beloved Garden #1067

(words and music by Amanda Udis-Kessler )

Mother Earth, beloved garden, living treasure under foot,
All our days you ground our being: sage and thistle, grass and root.
Herbs to heal us, plants to feed us, land to till and tend and plow.
With the pendant, deep as midnight,
North we ask you: be here now.

Father Air, your inspiration holds together all that lives.
As we breathe, our minds see clearly, leading us to love and give.
Raging whirlwind, whispered breezes, violent gale and gentle cloud.
With the blade as sharp as morning,
East we ask you: be here now.

Brother Fire, great transformer, share the passion of the sun.
In our hearths, your warmth revives us, cooks our food and heats our homes.
Flaming candle, blood within us, blazing desert, will to grow.
With the wand, directing power,
South we ask you: be here now.

Sister Water, ever flowing, ocean, river, pond and rain.
Drink we now and quench our thirsting, cleanse us, we begin again.
Mist and ice, a host of changes, all that courage will allow.
With the cup, the holy chalice,
West we ask you, be here now.

Lover Spirit, intuition in the center of our souls.
In your love we find relation.
All connected, we are whole.
Timeless mystery, quiet conscience, deepest values, voice inside.
With the drum and with the cauldron, this we ask you, be our guide.


Used as Gathering call for Midsummer 2014 ritual Sanctuary