We Won’t Wait Any Longer

Music: Gwydion Pendderwen arr. Andrew Adams.
Words: Gwydion Pendderwen



We won’t wait any longer, we are stronger than before
We won’t wait any longer, we are stronger…

We have trusted no man’s promise
We have kept just to ourselves
We have suffered from the lies
In all the books upon your shelves
And our patience and endurance
Through the Burning Times and now
Have given us the strength to keep our vow


You have grazed away the heather
And have razed the sacred grove
You have driven native people
From the places that they love
Though your greed has been unbounded
You have felt the pangs of shame
Every time you trod upon the Mother’s name


Though you thought you had destroyed the memory of the Ancient Ways
Still the people light the bale fires every year on Solstice Day
And on Beltaine Eve and Samhain, you can find us on the hill
Invoking once again the Triple Will


Through the ages many races have risen and have gone
But dispersed among the nations of the world we linger on
Now the time has come to take the sacred Cauldron of Rebirth
And fulfill our ancient pledges to the Earth

(chorus 2x)


Song has also been known as “The Pagan National Anthem.”

“This strong song by Gwydion Pendderwen is a celebration of the power and spirit of the Pagan community. Pendderwen was a key figure in the Pagan revival of the 1970s and 1980s; he was a student of witchcraft, co-founder of the ecological foundation Forever Forests, and also a talented song-writer. Andrew Adams, founding director of the Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir in Denver, has created a defiant and driving arrangement of We won’t wait any longer. Sopranos carry the tune, supported by various rhythmic motifs based on the exclamations “No, no, no!” and “We won’t wait!” A gospel-style repeating section heralds the end of the song.

The recording is by the Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir, Denver, Colorado.”


Want to use in a summer solstice for “Pagan Justice”

CUUPs/CLF partnership with prison ministry?

Green Team/Eco Justice? Earth Charter?


People of the Earth Tribe

People of the Earth Tribe
℗ 1997 Joules Graves


People of the earth tribe, rise.
People of the earth tribe, rise and shine.
People of the earth tribe, rise.
People of the earth tribe, rise and shine.
People of the earth tribe, rise.
People of the earth tribe…

Earth, water, fire, air.
We are everywhere. (3x)

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Harvest Chant

(Thorn Coyle, Starhawk)

Our hands will work for peace and justice
Our hands will work to heal the land
Gather round the harvest table
Let us feast and bless the land (4x)

Alternate lyrics
Our feet will trace Her moving patterns
Let us dance and bless the land…

Take the gift of love and death
Take the gift of blood and bone
Weave the circle breath by breath
Build the vision stone by stone