Rainbow Spirit: 27 Songs and Chants

rainbow Spirit 27 Songa and Chants.png

PDF version can be found  at http://www.culturemagic.org/PDF/c6Rainbow.pdf

Music can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y97x5OA_0T4

Day by Day

Uplift Yourself

Universal Lover

We Shall Lift each Other Up

Teach Us We Are one

The Bird Tribes

Bless the People

The Way of the Heart

Open Me Up

Mother I Offer

Love, Love, Love, Love

Dance Gypsys Dance

Music is the Key

Find Yourself in Harmony

Live Your Heart Song

One Planet is Turning

We are Circling

We are Opening

The River is Flowing

The Peace Song

Fly Like the Wind

We are One in Harmony

Mother I Feel You

Magic People

Giving Thanks

Love is the Creator