When The Wind Stops


Title: When the Wind Stops

Author: Charlotte Zolotow

Illustrator:Stefano Vitale

Age Range: 4-8 years old

Paperback: 32 pages

Themes: Circle of life, Cycles, Seasons


Where does the wind go when it stops?

When a little boy asks this question at the end of a happy day, his mother explains that the wind does not stop-it blows away to make the trees dance somewhere else.

Reassuringly, she tells him that nothing ever ends, it simply begins in another place or in another way. Rain goes back into the clouds to create new storms, waves fold back upon the sea to become new waves, and the day moves on to make way for the night, bringing the darkness and stars for the little boy to dream in.

Charlotte Zolotow’s lyrical prose and Stefano Vitale’s rich illustrations make this a beautiful celebration of the cycle of life.


Fairy NightSongs

(Gary Stadler)

Dancing a spiral we sing unaware
On fairy night wings our songs fill the air
Making a circle of magic and light
Watched silently by the Fey of the night

Our hearts full of love and our arms open wide
We hold the key to the fairies delight
Song in our hearts belong in the air
The words of our wisdom we bring forth to share

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The Solstice Teach Us


By David Breeden

The Solstices teach us
that darkness comes,
that darkness goes.

The Solstices teach us
that light comes,
that light goes.

The Solstices teach us,
calmly, silently, to be
calm, silent. Learning.

The Solstices teach us
as we circle the sun
that everything flies.

The Solstices teach us
to remember the dark,
to remember the light,
to remember time.
The seasons. And love
as we circle the sun.

Sacred Way

We are going to a sacred place.
We are now in sacred space.
We are living in a state of grace.
We are loving in a sacred way.


We love you, be-loved.
We love you, be-loved.
We love you, be-loved.
We love you!


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Want to use this in Midsummer 2015

Welcome the Air

(Pali A’Kala)

Welcome the air and the fire and the water
Welcome the Earth and the spirit that’s within

Welcome the directions and elements, all sacred things
And honor their connection to that which is within

Welcome the east, inspiration and intellect
Welcome the air and the clarity that’s within

Welcome the south, creative will and passion
Welcome the south, and the energy within

Welcome the west, intuition and emotion
Welcome the west, and the empathy within

Welcome the north, the senses and the body
Welcome the north, and the harmony within

Welcome the center, infinity, eternity
Welcome the spirit, divinity within



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