Web of Wonder

Music & lyrics © Alane Susan Brown (ASCAP) 2005



Web of wonder, web of wonder
I’m a thread and you’re a thread
Web of wonder, web of wonder
Weave the web, weave the web

All’s connected in the web
All the living, all the dead
Through its fabric we are met
Intertwining, sorrow mend

I can feel you, love
I can feel your love


Lady Weave Your Circle Tight

From pg 21 Circle of Song by Kate Marks:

Lady weave your circle tight
Fill us with your holy light
Earth, air, fire, and water
Bind us to you

More variations:

Lady, weave your circle tight
Spin a web of glowing light
Earth and air and fire and water
Bind us to you

Lady Spin your Circle Bright,
Weave your web of Dark & Light,
Earth, Air, Fire & Water,
Bind us as One


Meant to be done as a round