Wheel of the Year

Song: Wheel of the Year
Artist: Moonstruck
Album: Witch of the Wildwoods
Year: 1999

The Wheel of the Year is an Unending Circle, Unending circle, unending circle
The wheel of the year is an unending circle,
Praise to our Lord and Lady

All things are part of the Unending Circle, unending circle, unending circle
All things are part of the Unending circle,
Praise to our Lord and Lady.

We are one with the unending circle….

Let us rejoice in the unending circle…

The Wheel of the Year is an unending circle….


Carolyn’s Party

Song: Carolyn’s Party (Solstice)

Album: Through The Window

words & music by Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing/BMI


The day was as black as a raven
Winter’s cold breath blowin’ hard
She issued her warm invitation
Printed plain on a simple white card

Bring your lamps and lanterns here
On this last darkest day of the year
Let our hearts be burning bright
Through the window
I’ll see you tonight

Candles and other relations
Waltzed through the door and in time
There were stories of illumination
While aurora went dancin’ outside

There were pictures of lighthouses shining
A red miner’s helmet a-glow
The moon would come out of it’s hiding
Flowin’ down on the cover of snow

A small quiet few sat together
Faces she knew and had spent
Seasons for worse or for better
She raised up her glass, then, to them

And she said: You’re my friends
And wherever life takes me or when
You’re my home, that’s the truth
And the light through the window is you.