Yule Books

Bonfire Books 1 & 2

Thank you for helping to save paper!

This is the digital access for Yule 2018 songs.  Use your smartphone, tablet, or other device to sing around the bonfire with us!

Full Schedule (PDF)

8.5 x 11 Mini Posters


9 PM Bardic Circle Session 1

  1. INTRO: Come and Be Welcome
  2. All Hail Ye Simple Pagans
  3. Dancing in a Wiccan Wonderland
  4. Day-o
  5. Deck the Halls
  6. El Solsiticio
  7. Glory to the New Born King
  8. God Rest Ye Merry Paganfolk
  9. Hark the Neo-Pagans Sing
  10. Have a Holly Jolly Yuletide
  11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Yuletide
  12. Jingle Bells, Cast Your Spells
  13. Joy to the World (Pagan Version)
  14. Lady Moon Shine Softly
  15. Moon of Silver
  16. Challenge: Animal Solstice Song
  17. Challenge: Solstice Evergreen
  18. Challenge: Hail the Holly King
  19. OUTRO: Solstice Night

11 PM Last Hour Ritual

1 AM Bardic Circle Session 2

  1. INTRO:Santa Claus is Pagan Too
  2. Mother Berta’s Coming to Town
  3. Carolyn’s Party
  4. O Yuletide Tree
  5. Oh Come all Ye Faithful
  6. Oh Holy Night
  7. Share the Light
  8. Silent Night, Solstice Night
  9. Silver Moon
  10. Twelve Days of Solstice
  11. We Three Witches
  12. We Wish You A Merry Solstice
  13. Ye Children All of Mother Earth
  14. Yule Fires
  15. Wheel of the Year
  16. Yule (Winter Solstice Song)
  17. Challenge: All Thru The Night (Last verse in Welsh!)
  18. Challenge: Bring Back the Light
  19. Challenge: Midwinter
  20. OUTRO: Solstice Evergreen


The Christians and the Pagans
Solstice Carol (A Soalin’)
Solstice Carol (Wyrd Sisters)

7 AM Morning Ritual