Angel Wash Song

the last couple of years at the Fairy Congress, we’ve had a ritual called the Angel Wash. I’m not sure of its origins, however Saphir Lewis and Rafe Pearlman crafted the tune and lyrics. Here it is performed by Aimee Kelley and Aimee Ringle

“I behold you Beautiful One,
I behold you Child of the Earth and Sun.
Let my Love wash over You.
Let my Love watch over You”

– Saphir Lewis & Rafe Pearlman (from the Angel Wash Ceremony)


Hi Beauties ~ Wonderful to find this thread connected to the Angel Wash!

First, until I reach Morgan (or Xen?) to find out how to correct it on this page, I just want to leave the correct lyrics here…the second line is “I behold you, child of the earth and sun” the last line is “Let my love watch over you” 🙂

Secondly, Aimee Ringle and I have recorded the song (maybe it’ll be on the album we’ve been creating!)…but for now we’d be happy to send it along if someone wants that version.

For the record, the lyrics and original ritual were created by a very special healer/chiropractor that Safir knew…she brought it to Fairy Congress in eastern WA, and in 2010 she asked Aimee R and I to set the words to a new tune…we sat in the beautiful fairy ring and opened ourselves to what song wanted to come through…that’s how this version began!

Blessings to all in Kauai who are moving ever more light beings and beloved souls through this passage of union and love.

I sent Saphir Lewis a Facebook message asking about this, and here’s what she says: “The lyrics are written by Rafe Pearlman and I, the melody by the Aimees and the process may have come from Dr. Epstein, but that we don’t know for sure. It’s now being used in hospice, and sung in choirs as well as its common use at events of all kinds, far more than just festivals.”

Sheet Music

Click to access Angel_Wash_SATB.pdf

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